Heart & Vascular Center

Phone Numbers

Lexington Medical Heart and Vascular Center

(803) 744-4900
Cardiothoracic Surgery
(803) 936-3275
Vascular Surgery
(803) 936-7095

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Main Campus
(803) 791-2621
LMC Lexington
(803) 358-6180
LMC Irmo
(803) 732-5388

Meet Our Team

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Your Heart & Vascular Team

Leading cardiovascular specialists will coordinate every aspect of your care.


An electrophysiologist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats irregular heartbeats, or arrhythmias.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

A cardiothoracic surgeon is a doctor who diagnoses and treats disease within the heart and other organs in the chest.

Vascular Surgery

A vascular surgeon is a doctor who diagnoses and treats conditions found in arteries and veins.

Advanced Practice Providers

Advanced practice providers are highly trained medical professionals who help deliver patient care.

Headshot of Leslee Aun, NP

Leslee Aun, NP Cardiology

Brandie Bernagozzi, PA Cardiothoracic Surgery

Headshot of Krissi Bristow, NP

Krissi Bristow, NP Cardiology

Headshot of Katelyn Call, NP

Katelyn Call, NP Cardiology

Headshot of Paige Crowley, PA

Paige E. Crowley, PA Vascular Surgery

Headshot of Kelsey B. Darden, NP

Kelsey B. Darden, NP Cardiology

Headshot of Lisa Davis, NP

Lisa Davis, NP Cardiology

Headshot of Pattie M. Farlow, NP

Pattie M. Farlow, NP Cardiology

Phillip Ferrell, PA Cardiothoracic Surgery

Rachel Fogarty, NP Cardiology

Keelin Golden-Maldonado, NP Cardiology

Headshot of Victor Gomez, PA

Victor Gomez, PA Cardiothoracic Surgery

Headshot of Nyesha "Nikki" Hall, NP

Nyesha "Nikki" Hall, NP Cardiology

Headshot of Eric Holberton, PA

Eric Holberton, PA Cardiology

Headshot of Stephanie Huston, NP

Stephanie Huston, NP Vascular Surgery

Headshot of Rebecca Jackson, NP

Rebecca Jackson, NP Vascular Surgery

Headshot of Richard Jacob, PA

Richard Jacob, PA Vascular Surgery

Headshot of Kaitlyn Keenan, NP

Kaitlyn Keenan, NP Cardiology

Headshot of Jamie Odom, NP

Jamie Odom, NP Cardiology

Headshot of Andrea Olson, NP

Andrea Olson, NP Cardiology

Cecilia Porcher, NP Cardiology

Headshot of Casey Purcell, NP

Casey Purcell, NP Cardiology

Mary F. Snipes, NP Cardiology

Christi Wiggins, NP Cardiology