Phone Number

Clinical Research
(803) 935-8300
Institutional Review Board
(803) 935-8300
Nursing Education
(803) 935-8504
Professional Training
(803) 936-7215
Graduate Medical Education Family Medicine
(803) 739-3491
Graduate Medical Education Transitional Year
(803) 791-2769


Nurse Residency Program Curriculum

Shift Work

All residents are paired with preceptors during their initial orientation period and follow their preceptor’s schedule, which could be day shift or night shift. After the initial orientation period, most residents will transition to a night shift position on their home unit.

Unit Rotations

All residents receive a welcome letter that requests their first and second choices of units. Lexington Medical Center coordinates with its Chief Nursing Officer to determine the number of rotations available per unit and matches that list with residents’ preferences as best as possible.

Home Units

Many factors are considered when Nursing Administration and Human Resources meet to make home unit placements, including manager/preceptor feedback from rotations and home unit interviews; resident preferences; and available openings on the units.

No Contracts

Other than a Human Resources contract for any issued bonuses, there is no contract signed for Lexington Medical Center’s nurse residency program.

Regular Evaluations

Lexington Medical Center evaluates progress of all nurse residents during their rotations and wants them to be successful as they begin their nursing career. If a resident is not thriving in a particular division, nursing staff can discuss possible transition to an alternate division that may be a better fit.

Professional Development Classes

All nurse residents participate in the following quarterly classes:

  • Complex Patient Management
  • Delegation and Communication
  • Time Management and Conflict Resolution


  • Orientation plan for 10 to 12 weeks with guidance from clinical team (length varies)
  • Clinical and professional development
  • Interactive classes, including simulation lab experiences
  • Support meetings and evaluations with Residency Coordinators at the 10- to 12-week mark
  • Opportunities for resident’s assessment and feedback surveys
  • Timeline for successful completion of goals and objectives