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Foundation Health Care Scholarships

Who are these scholarships for?

Awarded to anyone enrolled as a full-time student in a nursing program or to LMC employees enrolled part-time in a nursing program or select Allied Health programs.

About the Scholarships

Lexington Medical Center is committed to providing the best quality health care to its patients and community. To support this commitment, the Lexington Medical Center Foundation provides annual health care scholarships to invest in maintaining the high quality staff that has come to symbolize Lexington Medical Center. Scholarships are available for current students pursuing a degree in nursing. Lexington Medical Center employees pursuing an Associates or Bachelor's degree in select Allied Health programs as described below are also eligible to apply for scholarship support.

Program | Amount Awarded

Associates Degree Program: $2,000**

Bachelor's Program*: $4,000**

Graduate Program*: $4,000**

* Includes online programs
** Award amounts will be reduced by half for those who will graduate at the close of the Fall term (December or January graduates)

Reduced scholarship awards are available to LMC employees enrolled part-time.