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Shoandra Fagg, Double Hip Replacement Patient

Photo of double hip replacement patient Shoandra Fagg in front of a lake.

Enjoying Life on the Lake Again After Two Surgeries

Shoandra "Sho" Fagg started having major hip pain when she was only 58. With an active lifestyle and an on-your-feet-all-day kind of job, she turned to chiropractors, acupuncture, and massage therapy to keep her moving—but the pain persisted.

She reached out to Dr. Randy Beard, an orthopaedic surgeon, who told her she'd need surgery to replace both hips. She recalled, "I'd never been in the hospital before, and I was scared to death." Sho had many questions, but Dr. Beard took the time to listen and address all her fears.

Just days after her second hip replacement, she was on her feet. And today, she’s back at her preferred pace: full-throttle. "I am pain-free, not taking any medicine. I'm kayaking and riding my bicycle. I'm so thankful and grateful to Dr. Beard. He changed my life—I got my life back."


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