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Eli Ailshie, Sports Injury Patient

Sports injury patient Eli Ailshie in a football uniform holding his helmet under his arm on a football field.

Personalized Plan Saves Athlete’s Senior Year

After being sidelined for several seasons due to injuries, Eli Ailshie was excited to play a final full year on the varsity football team at Blythewood High School. Then one Friday afternoon at practice, he broke his pinky finger during blocking drills. This left him in considerable pain—and devastated.

"I just didn’t want to sit out another game. I was adamant about it. And the doctors were with me 100 percent," Eli said.

The doctors at Lexington Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine planned a surgery that would help Eli's finger heal quickly and correctly. And, sure enough, he was able to get back at football practice the following Monday.

The work wasn’t over yet though. Latisha Washington, an occupational therapist in Lexington Medical Center’s Northeast rehabilitation department, created a custom splint to protect his finger and started physical therapy to help him regain strength.

Now, Eli says his finger feels great. "I'm able to use it without any limitations and feel like it’s getting better every day, especially with occupational therapy."


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