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Jimmy Oswald, Traumatic Injury Patient

Photo of traumatic injury patient Jimmy Oswald in a warehouse.

Avoiding Amputation after Trauma with Expert Care

In an accident at his lumber company, Jimmy Oswald was pinned by a 9,000-pound forklift that crushed his right side. This type of trauma can lead to amputation if not handled with great care and expertise.

Jimmy was rushed to Lexington Medical Center for emergency orthopaedic surgery. Dr. Barnaby T. Dedmond, a fellowship-trained orthopaedic traumatologist, assessed the injuries one by one and customized a course of treatment. He had Jimmy back on his feet after two months of intensive physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Today, Jimmy is also back on the job at his lumber company. "I had a great doctor. He fixed it for me, and I was so relieved,” Jimmy says. “I feel I’m very fortunate to be able to walk again, and that I’m still here."


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