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SPECT/CT Scanning

This advanced diagnostic is a combination of two imaging modalities: single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), which shows different functions within the body, and computed tomography (CT), which shows detailed structural anatomy. The two combine into in one highly detailed, 3-D image of the interior of the body.

The ability to capture detail at both the cellular and anatomical levels — in one fast, painless procedure — allows radiologists to pinpoint the exact location, size, nature and extent of disease with unprecedented detail.

How do I prepare?

If your SPECT/CT requires fasting or medication adjustments, you physician will discuss that with you. Wear comfortable clothing. For most tests, you can continue your regular work schedule and lifestyle. Check with your doctor’s office for the appropriate preparation for your test or call the radiology department at (803) 791-2460.

What should I expect?

SPECT/CT examinations require a small injection of radionuclide. After the injection, you’ll lie quietly for a couple of minutes. When the scan begins, you will lie down on the exam table and the detector will travel over your body. You may hear some noise from the system. The table may also move. The scan lasts approximately 30 minutes. You should drink lots of liquids throughout the day, but you will likely be able to return to normal activities quickly.