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Breast Cancer

Our Breast Cancer Program

  • 5,000 women treated in the last 15 years.
  • One of only four centers in SC accredited by the National Program of Breast Centers.
  • Five dedicated breast cancer doctors.
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About 1 in 8 women in the United States has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Treating Breast Cancer

Most women undergo surgery for breast cancer. Your doctor will discuss options with you and decide what’s best for your individual diagnosis.

Other Possible Treatments

Nurse Navigators

A nurse navigator will work with you throughout your treatment. She’ll help you understand your diagnosis, take care of scheduling and coordinate with doctors.

A Collaborative Team

Every Thursday, our entire team of doctors and nurses get together to review new breast cancer diagnoses and discuss treatment options.

Supportive Care

Our care is comprehensive with support for your personal challenges that goes beyond the disease.

Just a few ways we help:

New Treatments

We’ve been on the cutting edge of treatment since for 20 years and we work to bring in new techniques for our patients.

Faster, More Accurate Imaging
This PET/CT scanning system detects the spread of cancer from the breasts better than ever before and it reduces how long scanning takes.

Lymph Node Recovery

Lymphedema is a chronic swelling in the arms or legs after lymph node damage or removal, which is not uncommon in breast cancer treatment. Although there is no cure for lymphedema, we can help you reduce its effects.

Managing Lymphedema
All patients are referred to physical therapy for treatment.

To keep swelling under control, we use a combination of bandaging, exercise, skin care, and manual drainage. Our patients usually experience few significant long-term changes to their everyday lives.

The Lexington Medical Center Foundation funds treatment for patients who lack insurance, or who are underinsured.

Research Trials

We offer qualifying patients access to the latest clinical trials.

Enroll in a Clinical Trial

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This study is intended to show the superiority of AZD9833 in combination with CDK4/6 inhibitor (palbociclib or abemaciclib) versus aromatase inhibitors (anastrozole or letrozole) in combination with CDK4/6 inhibitor in patients with hormone receptor-positive (HR-positive), human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-negative (HER2-negative) metastatic breast cancer with detectable ESR1 mutation.

Open to enrollment.

Posted By: Dr. Steven Madden

Posted Date: 11/2/2022

Location: Lexington Medical Cancer Center


The Compassher2 Trials (Comprehensive Use Of Pathologic Response Assessment To Optimize Therapy In Her2-Positive Breast Cancer): Compassher2 Residual Disease (Rd), A Double-Blinded, Phase Iii Randomized Trial Of T-Dm1 And Placebo Compared With T-Dm1 And Tucatinib.

This trial studies how well trastuzumab emtanzine (T-DM1) and tucatinib work in preventing breast cancer from coming back (relapsing) in patients with high risk, HER2 positive breast cancer. Giving T-DMI and tucatinib together may work better in preventing breast cancer from relapsing in patients with HER2 positive breast cancer compared to T-DM1 alone. 

Open to enrollment 

Posted By: Dr. Steven Madden

Posted Date: 9/27/2019

Location: Lexington Medical Cancer Center

MA.39 Tailor RT

A randomized trial of regional radiotherapy in biomarker low risk node positive breast cancer.

Posted By: Dr. Davis

Posted Date: 9/5/2019

Location: Lexington Medical Cancer Center