Phone Numbers

Community Outreach Manager
(803) 936-8851
Patient Education
(803) 791–2869
Public Relations & Marketing
(803) 791–2191
Health Directions Fitness & Wellness Center
(803) 791-2113

Event & Project Sponsorship

Request Sponsorship for an Event or Project

You can request sponsorship or other assistance for a project or event based in the South Carolina Midlands community.

Applying for Sponsorship

Complete your application 60–90 days before the event date to allow adequate time for review and response. The committee reviews applications on a rolling basis.

Applicants Notified

Applications are notified on the last day of the month for each review period.


Lexington Medical Center primarily awards sponsorship to charities, events and projects that support our mission, though we recognize there are many worthwhile organizations that merit financial support.

Ineligible Organizations

We are unable to support the following types of organizations, though we respect their efforts:

  • Organizations already receiving funding through LMC’s Community Outreach committee
  • Political organizations and events
  • Private clubs, service clubs, sororities and fraternities
  • Student unions and organizations
  • Individual sports teams

Ineligible Events & Projects

We are unable to support the following types of events:

  • Conferences, seminars and workshops not directly related to the health care industry
  • Events taking place outside of the South Carolina Midlands
  • Travel to conferences or other expenses
  • Third-party fundraising
  • Family reunions
  • Pageants