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Lexington Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

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Physical Therapy

Our six physical therapy locations throughout the Midlands offer expert and convenient one-on-patient care.

What to Expect

During the first visit, we'll evaluate your injury or condition and develop an individual program to help you get back to your everyday activities as soon as possible.

Possible Treatments

Therapeutic Exercise
Your physical therapist will determine which exercises will best help your recovery, including stretching, balance practice, muscle strengthening and endurance building.

Manual Therapy
Your physical therapist may use various techniques to manipulate joints, muscles and soft tissue to help your recovery and increase your range of motion, including massage and limb or joint mobilization.

Heat, Cold and Electrical Techniques
Your physical therapist may use various forms of energy to help ease pain and help you toward recovery, including heat, ice packs, ultrasound therapy and electrical stimulation.

"It's worth it to be able to walk with your own legs."

— Jimmy Oswald, Traumatic Injury Patient

One-On-One Patient Care

You won't have to do your therapy in a group with other patients. Your clinician will meet with you one-on-one and give you their full attention during your physical therapy appointments.


  • 100% help and support during treatment
  • More private and personalized care
  • Puts the focus on accomplishing your individual goals

Physical Therapy Locations

Our six physical therapy locations offer expert and convenient one-on-one patient care.

Google map showing the main campus location.

Main Campus — Lexington Medical Physical Therapy

123 East Medical Lane
West Columbia, SC 29169
(803) 791-2397
Google map showing the LMC Ballentine location.

Ballentine — Lexington Medical Physical Therapy

1320 Dutch Fork Rd, Suite A
Irmo, SC 29063
(803) 314-5450
Google map showing the LMC Irmo location.

Irmo — Lexington Medical Physical Therapy

7033 St. Andrews Road
Columbia, SC 29212
(803) 749-6759
Google map showing the LMC Lexington location.

Lexington — Lexington Medical Physical Therapy

811 W. Main Street
Lexington, SC 29072
(803) 358-6100
Google map showing the LMC Northeast location.

Northeast — Lexington Medical Physical Therapy

3016 Longtown Commons Drive
Columbia, SC 29229
(803) 314-0500
Google map showing the Lexington Medical Park Otarre Pointe location.

Otarre Pointe — Lexington Medical Physical Therapy

3799 12th Street Extension
Cayce, SC 29033
(803) 926-6810

Advanced Treatment

Dry Needling

A clinician inserts small needles into the patient's skin to relieve muscle stiffness and pain.

What is it?

  • Non-invasive
  • Doesn't require medicine or surgery

What are the benefits?

  • Reaches and relaxes deep muscle tissue
  • Better muscle movement and less pain