Laboratory & Pathology

Phone Numbers

Main Campus
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LMC Lexington
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LMC Occupational Health
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LMC Irmo
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Patient Billing (Hospital)
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Clinical Laboratory

Clinical labs are an essential component of modern medicine. The work done within in the lab guides and assists much of the day-to-day work done by physicians. Our lab performs laboratory tests and analysis on bodily fluids including blood, urine and feces, and cultures from any body site. The lab also provides blood and blood products for transfusion.

85 Percent of Tests Completed Daily

Our lab was the first in the Southeast to break out of traditional scheduling and establish a goal of having 85 percent of a day’s tests completed and reported by 8:00 a.m. Maintaining that standard ensures medical teams have the information they need to make informed decisions about diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Lexington Medical Center has one of the busiest ERs in South Carolina. Our lab incorporates protocols that provide rapid, accurate, 24-hour-a-day centralized lab support for our ER, operating suites and intensive care unit.


Lab Tests On-Demand

This patient-friendly service provides self-requested diagnostic testing. Results are delivered at the same high standards as all laboratory services.

Autologous Transfusion Service

Patients can donate and bank their own blood for future use. Lexington Medical Center has the only in-hospital program in the Midlands.

Transfusion Alternatives

Intra-operative hemodilution is another transfusion alternative. The process helps patients avoid the need to use anyone else’s blood.


In conjunction with the American Red Cross Blood Donor Program, our transfusion services routinely meet the high demand for transfusion products.

Hemochromatosis Service

Many of our patients diagnosed with iron-overload disorders benefit from our coordinated phlebotimization program.

Specialty Tests

Relationships with specialty laboratories across the country make quality testing available for patients even if such tests are not widely available.