Patient Story

Richard Graham, Pulmonary Embolism Patient

Advanced Technology for Advanced Care

When Richard Graham collapsed one morning, it terrified his wife Aimee. He was taken to Lexington Medical Center, where they found two significant blood clots on both sides of his lungs. Aimee told the physician team, "Let's do whatever you have to do to save his life."

Dr. Brandon C. Drafts made the call to use special catheters that rely on ultrasound pressure and acoustic streaming to better dissolve clots. Lexington Medical Center is the hospital in the Midlands currently using Catheter Assisted Thrombolysis (EKOS®).

It's a decision that paid off, as Richard is now back to enjoying a normal life with his family. He praised the swift care and service he received, saying, "It was just amazing, the people and the support."


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