Heart & Vascular Center

Phone Numbers

Lexington Medical Heart and Vascular Center

(803) 744-4900
Cardiothoracic Surgery
(803) 936-3275
Vascular Surgery
(803) 936-7095

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Main Campus
(803) 791-2621
LMC Lexington
(803) 358-6180
LMC Irmo
(803) 732-5388


Personalized Rehabilitation

(803) 791-2621

"They really cared about my recovery and the lifestyle changes I needed to make."

— Pete, Cardiac Rehabilitation Center Patient

Treatment & Recovery

  • Heart Disease
  • Heart Attacks
  • Open Heart Surgery
  • Vascular Disease

When does rehab start?

For heart patients, usually 2 to 4 weeks after you are discharged from the hospital. For vascular patients, it may start at the time of diagnosis.


Studies have shown that patients who attend rehab have improved quality of life, increased walking and exercise capacity, reduced leg pain while walking, better mood and significantly lower risk of future complications.

Individualized Rehabilitation Plans


Classes covering better nutrition, medication management, stress relief tactics, and smoking cessation support to help you build and maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road to recovery.


Goals for restoring your strength and improving overall muscle tone, increasing your capacity for work and recreation.

Stress Management

Techniques for managing stress to stabilize your blood pressure and improve your quality of life.

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