Heart & Vascular Center

Phone Numbers

Lexington Medical Heart and Vascular Center

(803) 744-4900
Cardiothoracic Surgery
(803) 936-3275
Vascular Surgery
(803) 936-7095

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Main Campus
(803) 791-2621
LMC Lexington
(803) 358-6180
LMC Irmo
(803) 732-5388

Conditions & Treatment

In the operating room, Dr. William Brabham shows off the Micra pacemaker, about the size of a vitamin pill, by holding it up between his thumb and index finger.

Advanced Treatment

"Receiving care at Lexington Medical Center saved my life."

— Savannah, Heart & Vascular Center Patient

Treatments for Cardiovascular Conditions

Restoring Blood Flow

Corrects blockages in the heart without traditional surgery.

Heart Rhythm Stabilization

Treatments for arrhythmias, restoring your heart beat to a regular pattern.

Heart & Valve Repair

Advanced techniques to repair heart defects and damaged valves.


State-of-the-art procedures to treat the most advanced heart and vascular conditions.


Individualized plans for the fastest, fullest recovery possible.

"I Am Still Alive"

Heart patient Alan Courtney survived a massive heart attack with the collaborative efforts of the team at Lexington Medical Center.