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Practitioner Verification Attestation

Attestation & Disclaimer

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By utilizing the Practitioner Verification Lookup on this site, you attest that your organization is a healthcare entity that utilizes this information for protected peer review purposes only. Additionally, you are confirming that you have a current release from the physician/practitioner on file granting you permission to obtain information regarding his/her past or present affiliation and privileges at Lexington Medical Center.


Lexington Medical Center’s Practitioner Verification Lookup is a Primary Source Verification.


The website is only accessible via the Internet and then only with knowledge of the practitioner’s last name and birth date.


The website is maintained in ‘real-time’ and provides the same information that would be received if the hospital was queried directly.


The ECHO application that feeds the Practitioner Verification Lookup is highly secure with only authorized users having access to the system.


The ECHO application practitioner data is updated by the Medical Staff Office of Lexington Medical Center. The Medical Staff Office depends on other Primary Source resources for updating credentials information and licenses. Each practitioner’s record contains information regarding their individual ‘standing’ within the Affiliated Professional Staff or Medical Staff: Staff Status, Department, and practicing Specialties.

I have read and agree to this statement.
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