Research Team

Meet Our Research Team

Dedicated to promoting research opportunities and advancing treatments to provide the best quality care to the South Carolina midlands.

Research Office

Linda Sherriff, BSN, MHA, CCRC - Director

Linda Sherriff, BSN, MHA, CCRCDirector

Kimberly Pressley, BA, MA, ACRP-CP - Institutional Review Board Manager

Kimberly Pressley, BA, MA, ACRP-CPInstitutional Review Board Manager

Staci Klotz, RN, CCRP - Regulatory Coordinator

Staci Klotz, RN, CCRPRegulatory Coordinator

Amanda Leitch - Regulatory Coordinator

Amanda LeitchRegulatory Coordinator

Brenda Starling - Administrative Assistant III

Brenda StarlingAdministrative Assistant III

Meredith Watson-Rose, BSN, RN, MA - Clinical Research Nurse I

Meredith Watson-Rose, BSN, RN, MAClinical Research Nurse I

Lexington Medical Heart & Vascular Center

Stephanie (Quinn) Cirillo, BSN, RN - Research Nurse

Stephanie (Quinn) Cirillo, BSN, RNResearch Nurse

Heidi Fulcher, RN - Research Nurse

Heidi Fulcher, RNResearch Nurse

Lexington Oncology

Kaitlyn Ganus - Regulatory Coordinator

Kaitlyn GanusResearch Coordinator

Taylor Knight, BSN, RN - Research Nurse

Taylor Knight, BSN, RNResearch Nurse

Selena Lollar, RN - Research Nurse

Selena Lollar, RNResearch Nurse

Katharine Madden, BA, CCRC - Research Coordinator

Katharine Madden, BA, CCRCResearch Coordinator

Vista Women’s Healthcare

Marie Frick, BSN, RN - Research Nurse

Marie Frick, BSN, RNResearch Nurse

Danette Gaines, MLT, CCRC - Research Coordinator

Danette Gaines, MLT, CCRCResearch Coordinator