Program Policies

Tuition Waiver

Accepted students will be expected to sign an employment agreement with Lexington Medical Center in lieu of paying tuition fees. These program educational costs ($2,500) are waived for the student with the stipulation that the student agrees to an employment agreement of 12 months upon graduation from the program. Positions have to be available and offered. Positions may be on any shift, including second or third. Students must have excellent evaluations from clinical coordinators and faculty. LMC reserves the right NOT to hire any student, which dissolves any repayment requirements. Students who complete the program, but elect not to accept employment will be required to pay the educational costs ($2,500) and will meet with a human resources representative to set up repayment. Students are informed of this policy in their personal interview and again during laboratory orientation at the beginning of the program. An employment agreement is signed during laboratory orientation, on the first day. Since students do not ever pay the tuition, there is no refund policy.

Stipend Issuance and Acceptance

Lexington Medical Center offers to help offset expenses for students during educational instruction with a stipend. Two checks, each in the amount of $1,000 (one provided in October the other in February) can be issued to students. Both checks are subject to taxes.

Students who elect to receive the stipend will be required to fulfill the following obligations:

  • Student will be required to work a minimum of four hours every two weeks (a maximum of 12 hours) in the laboratory after school hours. Student will be paid for this work at a disclosed hourly rate. Hours are usually Saturday morning 7:00 - 11 a.m. or 4 - 8 p.m. during the work week. Student can begin working in phlebotomy followed by a clinical department in which training has been completed. Department supervisors must certify that the student is competent to work in the department and complete a checklist indicating what the student can and cannot do. Student must remain in good academic standing. Student may elect to work both semesters, one semester, or not at all and not accept the stipend. Students are only required to work if they elect to receive the stipend. Working is not a requirement of the program.
  • Student will be required to accept MT/CLS employment at LMC laboratory for at least 18 months following their completion of the program if positions are available and offered upon graduation. Positions may be on any shift (first, second or third). Student must have excellent evaluations from clinical coordinators and faculty. LMC reserves the right NOT to hire any student, which dissolves any repayment requirements.
  • A student who accepts the stipend but does NOT accept offered employment following graduation is expected to repay the stipend ($2,000) plus the program’s educational costs ($2,500). A human resources representative will meet with the student to set up a repayment plan at the conclusion of the program. A payback agreement is signed and notarized during laboratory orientation and kept with the program director along with a signed form noting that the student has read and understands the policy.

Liability Coverage & Health Insurance

Students are covered under the hospital’s liability coverage and any work-related incident will be treated in the emergency room. Health insurance must be acquired and maintained by students.

Dress Code

Students are expected to adhere to the laboratory dress code. Hospital scrubs are required for females and may be worn by males. The suggested allowance is $80.00. Safety lab coats are provided for students.

Program Withdrawal

A student can withdraw at any time. Students who for any reason desire to withdraw from the program are expected to discuss this with the program director and notify the program in writing stating his/her reason(s) for withdrawal. If withdrawal occurs within ten weeks of enrollment, the student will not be counted as having enrolled. If withdrawal occurs after the ten-week probationary period, the student will receive a grade of “W” if passing and “WF” if failing. If the student elected to participate in the stipend program, the amount of accepted stipends is expected to be repaid to Lexington Medical Center upon exit for the program.