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Career Development

Continuing Education and Student Learning

Our community has a responsibility to educate the doctors and nurses of tomorrow. In doing so, we provide a wide array of student learning programs including shadowing, service learning, speaking engagements, tours, internships and co-ops.

Nurse Scholarships

Further nursing learning or experience with continued learning and development.

Nurse Certifications

Achieve career enhancing specialty certifications and credentialing.

Student Work Study

Explore health care careers with first-hand experience during high school.

School of Medical Technology

Acquire medical technology knowledge through classroom and clinical experience.

Student Shadowing

Twice a month, our School-To-Career program pairs high school students and health care professionals within mutual areas of interest. Our hospital hosts more than 200 students per year in a variety of healthcare fields.

Service Learning

Sponsored by the LMC Volunteer department and coordinated through the service learning instructor, students observe the healthcare environment and earn high school credit. Students learn how academics are applied in the workplace.


High school students can gain experience in healthcare that correlates with their career goals. Internships, which are sponsored by LMC Workforce Development and coordinated with the district representative, expose students to the rigors and rewards of healthcare professions. This non-paid internship offers students curriculum credit based on district guidelines.

Cooperative Education (Co-Op)

Coordinated with the district representative, co-ops expose high school seniors to a selected career cluster. Co-ops are an opportunity to learn invaluable skills and apply them in a supervised environment. Students are not paid for co-ops.

Educational Tours

Explore the many disciplines of health care within first-hand, behind-the-scenes experiences.

Teacher Field Study

To anticipate future workforce needs, it’s beneficial for educators to experience the rapidly changing world of health care. These educational field studies keep teachers abreast of new industry developments and provide them with current information to pass on to their students.

Teachers in the Workplace

LMC partners with Midlands Education and Business Alliance (MEBA) to introduce educators to the diversity of healthcare careers. During the week-long internship, an educator learns the strengths needed to successfully achieve a career in health care and earn graduate-level credit.